Little things make a Difference

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Do you people believe that little things make a big difference? Okay, I do believe in it firmly NOW.

You know it was a rainy day back then, I was sitting in the corner of my room and saw a tiny toddler girl enjoying the rain to the fullest. At that moment, I realized that this girl doesn’t look like she comes from a very well-financed family, but still, she found her happiness in that rain. Her wide smile made me discern that I hadn’t had one for a very long time or hadn’t found anything to get this bright white smile. But how is it possible that in all these years of my life, I found a small number of reasons to smile and enjoy the moments? So were there no moments to live cheerfully, or did I not notice? Is a question that resides in my subconscious mind.

At that instant, while watching that girl, I decided to find my pleasure. Many little things around us need to be appreciated. So, here are life’s simple pleasures that are often overlooked. The everyday ounce of happiness that is right under your nose Enjoy!

They say that a girl has two homes: one where her parents are, and the other where she gets married. But whenever she comes to her first home, there’s this other level of intimacy she has. Waking up all warm and snug, her little sister dragged her around, wearing her old pyjamas to vanish this thought for a few days that she is married and she is on a holiday. Look, just by reading this, you have got a smile. I caught you! You know, my sister just came home after a year, and she is roaming around, eating unhealthy food, wearing the worst clothes from her closet even though she wore mine—just normal ones—and most importantly, being and feeling ugly. This is the pleasure we all girls get to face, and we should cherish it once it comes because the little things are the big ones when they’re gone.

Just like that when we reunite with our loved ones at an airport, train station, or bus station.

Remember how much we cried on their departure? If things were in our hands, we might have stopped them from going, but situations and maturation made you leave that hand, and now that person with whom the only connection we had were late-night video calls has changed to real-time meetups. Those meetups we yearned for years, this is the pleasure! This is the moment! Enjoy it. Seize it; don’t regret it when they are gone again.

And this isn’t the end of pleasures. We all remember how we felt really bad when our grade wasn’t good enough to look at; we cried a lot, and when we got good grades, we were just like “Yeah, we deserve it”. Okay, you deserve it! We deserve it, but don’t you think we should appreciate and live the moment that we have? I cannot deny that those 10 out of 10 were just marks. They were the realizations that I did hard work, I have the stamina to achieve things, and I proved to myself and everybody else that I CAN DO it!

So, go for it, treat yourself like a princess when you get good marks, enjoy that moment — have coffee or anything you love — dress and save it for your memories.

Like every moment you see comes with a memory to save. What we all have to do is live that instant and cherish it with our loved ones. Count all your blessings and realise how amazing your life is! Because every moment is a blessing differently and don’t you ever think those moments just went by without imprinting anything on us? Because John Banville says — the past beats inside me like a second heart!


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