Journalism in India

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They say journalism can never be silent. That is both its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. The media is considered the fifth pillar of democracy. But in reality, all the media are doing is being like a football coach who knows the game but remains silent. According to the statistics, the Indian media conducts a number of debates, among them mostly attacks on Pakistan or merely praising political parties, paying no heed to important issues like the economic crisis, the shadow of malnutrition, or the fog of unemployment.

The media is considered a medium through which the voice of the public is raised and the people of the nation are enlightened. Talking about the general meaning of media, which is “information about current events through the testimony of observers and witnesses to events, it should be based only on facts and not opinions and must strive to put the public interest and the truth above their own self-interest or assumptions.” But the question is, does media truly represent what it means?India is the third-most dangerous place for journalists after war-torn Syria and Iraq. Journalists who stand against the government are either being harassed or executed. When we say this, how can we forget Journalist Gauri Lankesh, an Indian activist, was shot for raising her voice against the government. M.J. Singh, along with his mother, was killed in their apartment in Noida. Santanu Bhowmick, a journalist, was murdered while covering the Raasta Roka by Indigenous People in the north-eastern Indian state of Tripura. Many honest journalists like them have been killed, threatened, or murdered. Dear people

They call the harakiri

I call it execution.

They call it self-destruction.

I call it mass execution.

Above all of this turmoil and blindfolding by TV media and their profitable propaganda, social media is like a goldfinch vowing to remove the government’s fake bhakti. In a nutshell, the wind of fake news is nothing more than a bandage over the government’s flaws.It’s long past time for people to be more careful and knowledgeable about things like VPNs and Tor browsers. For there is a saying

Nothing lasts forever.

Not even the cold November rain.




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