How to tackle DEPRESSION?



The problem of depression is increasing phenomenally. Approximately 280 million people today are dealing with it worldwide. Although depression is not fatal, it could become so if not taken care of. Most of the time, depression can be tackled easily by following the right steps, but sometimes it requires medical intervention. It all depends on the severity of your depression and the power of your will.

What is depression?

* First and foremost, it is critical to comprehend the concept of depression. Sometimes people forget the difference between anxiety and depression. Anxiety is just a normal condition brought about by psychological stress. It is a part of our daily activity. On the other hand, depression is a much more intensified and severe psychological condition.

* So, if you’re feeling down, don’t jump to the conclusion that you’re depressed, because this will only make matters worse.

*However, if you have been feeling an enormous burden of hopelessness for a long time, or if you have lost interest in all of your favourite things and just want everything to end, then something is wrong and should not be taken lightly.Below are some good ways of tackling depression, and together they are more than enough to beat the pulp out of it.


Methods of Tackling Depression

* Positivity: Be positive! Positivity is your backbone in the war against depression. Keep a positive attitude towards everything. If you can learn how to handle the worst-case scenario, which is very likely, then you don’t even need to worry about depression in the first place.

* Talk to someone: It’s very important to have someone with whom you can share all your feelings and problems. It literally lightens your heart. This person could be anyone, like your parents, best friend, spouse, or anyone you trust. So don’t keep those obnoxious feelings inside, otherwise they will create poison for your heart. Just let them out!

* Write a diary: Pen it all down! Yes, writing a diary really works. This is almost as helpful as talking to someone. By doing this, you are not only relieving yourself of some parts of painful reality, but you are also giving yourself a daily goal and hence a sense of achievement. This will bring happiness and positivity, and that is exactly what you need.

* Reading: I always say that books are the best antidepressant drugs. Instead of finding your short-term salvation in drugs or alcohol, you can easily find the same in good books. Books can easily keep you distracted from reality, at least temporarily. It also broadens your mindset, which might even convince you that whatever your problem is, it’s not the end of the world. Some books which I will suggest are- Harry Potter series, The King Killer Chronicles series, the night angel’s trilogy etc. Everyone has different taste, so read non-fiction and the struggles of great people if you want. It’s important to pick up a book that doesn’t have much negativity and has the capability to keep you interested.

* Music: A nice motivating song can cheer you up. Make a playlist of all your favourite motivational songs and listen to them. However, it is very important to stay away from sad and slow music because it will only add fuel to the fire instead of extinguishing it.

* Movies: Watching a nice comedy with someone or even alone can make your day. If you don’t like movies, then you could keep yourself busy on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Depression kills your interests, and it’s very important to keep trying to find something interesting that will keep you busy.

* Exercise or yoga: Starting your day with exercise helps a lot with depression. Try to play fast music during exercise, which is even better. Along with keeping you healthy, exercise and yoga also give a sense of achievement—that at least you did something for your precious body today, if nothing else.

Meditation: What is better than starting your day with meditation along with exercise and yoga? Get up early in the morning and meditate for some time before going for exercise or yoga. It will help bring back your focus, which you might have lost during depression. It will also help you in controlling your mind, and once you control your mind, you can tackle depression very easily.

* Dancing: Dancing freely helps a lot with depression. It eases your mind somewhat and is also good for physical fitness.

* Remaining active: It’s very important to remain active and involved in everything around you. People like to remain alone in depression, which usually increases their problem. Try to spend more time with your family and friends. Talk to them; it will help. Attend parties, events, etc. instead of just sitting idle at home and ignoring everything. Go hang out with friends, talk about old school/college memories, and have a good laugh. Keeping yourself busy at all times is the key to tackling depression.

* Smile: Never underestimate the power of a smile. It’s an anti-dote to depression. When you smile even in the toughest of situations, you immediately feel better. Try it someday. You should avoid depressing people and stay around funny, smiling people. In the essay An Apology for Idlers, RL Stevenson explains the benefits of hanging around humorous people. So keep smiling.

* Get motivation: There are a lot of channels on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook that provide quality motivation. So they help a lot in critical times, but always remember, no one can motivate you if you can’t motivate yourself. So you should be ready to get motivated, which will need willpower.

* Let go and move on: In relationship issues such as break-ups or divorce, the most important thing is to let go. Stop looking for alternative scenarios and excuses to convince yourself. You are just fooling yourself and nobody else. Accept that it’s over and move on because it’s the only way. Yes, letting go is not that easy, but time takes care of everything.

* Pets: keeping a pet can really help in tackling depression. Pets like a cat or dog provide affection, and all pets give you a sense of duty to raise them. They keep you distracted from the problems and are positive.

* Support groups: If everything fails and you don’t even have anyone to share your problem with, then join some support groups. There you will meet people with similar problems, and you will definitely feel better after passing time with them.

* Power of tears: The world usually regards tears as a sign of weakness. The truth is that tears have immense power. When you cry, you immediately relieve yourself of some psychological pain. So there’s no harm in crying occasionally when you’re depressed. They helped a lot in tackling it.

* Trust God: Never lose faith in God. You think you know everything, but you can never understand his grand plan and the great things he has in store for you in the future. You just have to remain patient and wait for your time to come. Why me, if you ever get that feeling? Then just look around you. Observe the world. You will find thousands of people facing worse situations. The fact that you are reading my blog proves that you’re among the 63% of the world’s population that has access to the internet. The other portion, containing billions of people, probably doesn’t have the basic necessities of life, let alone the internet. You are lucky, aren’t you!


So those were some effective methods for dealing with depression. Along with this, you must understand how valuable your life is and that you only have one chance. It’s not a game where you can try again and again; it’s life. You can never ever try again. Appreciate it, live it, love it, and in every disastrous situation, just think about one thing, i.e., After five or 10 years, will it matter ?



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Saad Ahmad
Saad Ahmad Khan a.k.a. Poet Saad is from Lucknow (India) and is currently doing graduation from dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. Saad is suffering from vision impairment and kidney disease for a long time. However, even with all the issues, he maintains a positive attitude towards life. He loves to write a lot of things which include articles, poetry, essays, quotes and novel. Along with that he likes to sing, dance, play guitar, listen to audiobooks and he's always on the lookout for new opportunities. Saad has an Instagram page called - Poet Saad @the_words_of_fire, where he shares his thoughts.


  1. Really good pointers Saad. Being positive and having a positive attitude to life and life events surely helps. I would also say having a goal/purpose in life also helps. It can be short term or long term but it gives a sense of belonging and if you attain it then it is a positive re-enforcement as well.

  2. Quite nicely written and very well presented. You have touched almost all the ways actually leading to mood elevation.
    If we look around, in particular see those which are less blessed than us, one will feel thankful.
    A huge cause in present age is the excess usage of social media / mobile. This keeps you aloof and after a time you prefer being alone. The basic definition of human being is “…..a social animal”. By being glued to your mobile one just keep on getting further lonely. I often advise my kids if you ever feel that lonely in future, just throw away your mobile, step out in sunshine and try to be in a crowd…just take a stroll to a market place.
    One important addition : Do not feel shy or hesitate to “seek help” with friends, family or even physicians.

    • Thank you MamuJaan 👍❤️
      Definitely social media has become a big psychological problem… and most of the people don’t realise it unfortunately !

  3. It can be relatable to alot of people struggling with their jobs, studies and relationships , and at the end a negativity comes in mind after a few unsuccessful attempts . I would Congratulate you for throwing light on this important topic. Suggestions given to overcome depression are commendable .👏👏

  4. Nicely penned !

    All the solutions are routine based activities and can easily be done.These small steps can prove to be improving the quality of life .

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