Fragile Evolution Of फीmales

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Delhi is an extensive and expensive city.
Being a small-town guy, this city helped me a lot in terms of evolving with the trends, changes, and national issues. One thing I’m very much obsessed is with “Dilli Wali Line- Mechanism”. And being in this city, surely you’ll be introduced to this mechanism.
No matter whether you are waiting outside “Delite Cinema at Delhi Gate” for the delicious delicacies of “Aslam Butter Chicken at Chandni Chowk” or with your crush at “Rajeev Chowk Metro Station, Connaught Place,”

But interestingly, a usual trend that I observe in Delhi is that either male queues are longer than female ones or there are two or more male queues and one female queue. Simply put, males should have two or more lines and females should have one. I’m pretty sure these queues tell us the number of female and male participants in corporate, school, college, and other respective sectors, etc.

According to an article in Economics Time,

“A study claims that 53% of top Indian companies have a male-to-female employee ratio of 10:1 or worse.”


So, why is there such a drastic difference between male and female ratios in terms of long queues, lines, corporate, colleges, etc., or population differences in general?

Why is it so?

Maybe because:

Lack of education among females. Due to this, they are more illiterate, less efficient, and less courageous. As a result, they have not received a large number of placements from their colleges. Moreover, males are more educated, efficient, and accurate.



Why is it so?

Perhaps as a result of lesser participation in schools and colleges

Why is it so?

Due to lack of girl’s security, financial crisis at home, lack of parental support and other backward socio-cultural practices prevalent in the society.


Girl’s security? Support? Society?

What do you mean by this?

I mean,

Why is it so?


Maybe because of rising patriarchy like Adani’s stocks, coward-manhood just like current acting ruling party, unwanted boundations just like love jihad, Impractical- Illogical taboos and stigmas just like casteism.


I see,

So, the reason being there are less females comparatively to males in corporate and education sector. Great!


But wait.

What does this difference in their sex ratios mean?


Like 108.18 males over 100 females.

Why is it so?


It’s “female femicide.”

Why is it so?


Female Foeticide or कन्या भ्रूण हत्या and The Rape Culture!

The abortion of a female foetus outside of legal methods.

As our coordinated mass mentality reflects the face of society, men are more sacred than women, more achievable, and, of course, the ones by whom our generations are going to propagate.

“Research by the Pew Research Center based on Union government data indicates the foeticide of at least 9 million females in the years 2000-2019.”

Even in this so called ‘The Era of Women Empowerment’, we can come across tons of ‘Gender Based Violence’.

Just like talking about “Sati Pratha.” (Where a woman was set on the pyre of her husband’s funeral.) overruled by “Rape Culture,” a new successor.

The National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) “Crime in India 2021” report showed.

“The number of rape cases in 2020 was 28,046, while it was 32,033 in 2019.”

Well, a big thanks to this rape culture, as my thoughts on justice and freedom got a fresh perspective, when our judiciary granted bail to the convicts of ‘Bilkis Bano.” with freedom to roam freely and again rape the remaining women of this great nation. The real meaning of JUSTICE AND FREEDOM.


The Unwanted Smuggling- Female Trafficking

Looking at all of these factors together, it appears that they all contributed significantly to the decline of the female population.

According to a study by Reuters: –

“Out of an estimated 20 million commercial prostitutes in India, 16 million women and girls are victims of sex trafficking.”

Whereas the Legal Services Report:

“Every hour, four girls in India enter into prostitution, three of them against their will.”


Concluding the above factors,

As a result, there are currently not enough females to outnumber males, even for weddings.

Due to this, a state like Haryana, imports girls from multiple states across the country.

As per an article by TOI,

“A family of girls from Bihar was paid just Rs. 1000.” Girls are being “bought” and brought to Haryana from 20 states across the country. The sex ratio stands at 837 in 0-6 years age group.”



Big Hearted Family Person- Acid Attack

As previously mentioned, everything has its progressive version in the twenty-first century.

A very enhanced form of suppression is being discovered these days, and it is at its peak. Unlike the other forms, major convicts are the Love-Owls to their Love-Birds. Though there is some room or membership for mothers and sisters in this suppression.

However, this isn’t the case with every one of us. But again, many of us do have bad tuning. And of course, being male, we amend it by throwing acid on them. According to a survey of acid attack victims, “the acid attack is worse than murder.”

According to the National Crime Records Bureau,

“India reported 105 acid attack cases against 109 female victims in 2020. West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh were the leading states in terms of acid attacks reported across the south Asian nation. “The majority of the victims of these attacks were women.”

The beginning of Acid Attack truly represents male dominance over females, despite ideological indifferences in terms of gaining unwanted authority over them.


The Big Bellies: “Domestic Violence.”

We crave for females, as if our lives are incomplete without them. And to some extent, this is true, not because they are our life partners, but because they are the ones we can suppress; even after marriages, we torture them in the name of dowry, regardless of what is going on in our personal or professional lives.But the path to releasing stress ends with a woman.

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (“Domestic Violence Act”)’ brought into force in 2006 as a civil law remedy for the protection of women from physical, emotional, and sexual damage and cruelty.

Unfortunately, in a country like India, religious and societal beliefs override the constitution and constitutional acts.


According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB): –

In India, a woman dies from dowry every hour on average, with the annual figure exceeding 7,000. Another statistical figure that shows the reality of our society and laws and the sheer weakness of our legislative and judicial systems



A Sinful Mishap!

Who is responsible for the marginalisation of women? Who are the supporters and promoters of this backwardness among women? Who is responsible for these sinful ideologies?

Isn’t it us?

As per the Indian mythological theorems and theories,

A son is often preferred as an “asset” since he can earn and support the family; a daughter is a “liability” since she will be married off to another family, and so will not contribute financially to her parents.

Despite the fact that the Indian Constitution states “the right to equality,” there is still more injustice.The unwanted gap was bridged between a man and a woman. Sometimes it seems like an inversely proportional relationship.

Women are still disproportionally affected by all forms of violence and by discrimination in every aspect of life. Previously, it was society that erected barriers, hyping irrelevant practises and imposing stigmas or taboos in the name of religion.

Whereas, presently, the legacy is being carried forward by the government, as said, in a very enhanced form.

As per a report,


“When governments reduce their expenditures on essential public services such as education and healthcare, women and girls are the first ones to lose out on these services,” “Due to the shortage of toilet facilities, 23% of adolescent girls drop out of school.”


We can all agree that education is a transformational key, a key to revolution. Though, government has taken several steps for girls’ education, Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to expectations.

As per an article by The Hindu:

“The Parliamentary Committee finds that out of a total of 446.72 crore released during the period 2016-2019, a whopping 78.91% was spent only on media advocacy.”




Sheroes, Not the Heroes!

Despite being marginalised and oppressed, women have fought for equality and against oppression, and have won some battles in part. Keeping the demeaning thoughts of patriarchal society aside, a comeback in every sector is unwillingly snatching all their rights, all their freedom, and all that they deserve. Instead, they faced a barrage of criticism, demonstrating that they are stronger and more powerful than men.

They were, and they became sources of inspiration not only for themselves but also for men.

They fought back for what they deserved, to minimise the unwanted gap, to retain their identity, to tell this society, this critic, world, that they can be anything at their own.

This era for women is the era of assertiveness where they have structured the instances in their own language.

Flipping our perspective Up-Side down, by being Mother of The Brothels Gangland- “The GANGU BAI KATHIAWAD”.

Or by amalgamating whole nation, fought for her justice and thousands of victims, by being ray of aspiration- ‘LAXMI AGRAWAL’

And by being the first lady Prime Minister of world’s largest democratic country like India- ‘INDIRA GANDHI’.

And more innumerable inspiring stories.


With so much numerous, complex and fragile counterparts, from the bottom of history to the peak of the present. We can see the supressed ones glimmering across.

A report by McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that “By offering equal opportunities to women, India could add US$ 770 billion to its GDP by 2025. Yet, the present contribution of women to the GDP remains at 18%.”


The Third Eye!

The truth is that women were never left behind or afraid of responsibility.

But our civilization, with its stigmatised persuasion and irrelevant beliefs, has sown the seed of indifference, which has broadened the unfortunate vent in the middle of a man and a woman, due to which the above-mentioned act of cowardice took place.


Again, the question arises,

Is it really a gap of 2:1?

Well, from my viewpoint, it isn’t 2:1, it’s 1:1!

And why is that so?


Because in the midst of people reading this article, the number of females is going to be higher, and as for males, this piece of writing is an indigestible truth.

And the truth is frequently bitter.

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved”

-Dr. B.R. Ambedkar



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