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How can a person engrossed in the habit of scrolling through the screen experience the feeling of turning the pages of a book? Yes, book, compiled of paper sheets and a hard cover. Turning the pages all around and reading through the still words that don’t move themselves but make the reader move. What a wonderful experience it is to read a book if one forgets to keep a bookmark and then searches for the last page. In these screen-oriented days, how pleasing it seems if someone picks up a book and surfs through the pages.

Imagine traveling through time and meeting personalities you could not meet in your real lives! Imagine attending the sermon of Prophet Muhammad SAW! Imagine sitting in bed reading a travelogue by Ibn Batuta, traveling all around without any fare or charges! Imagine reading a novel and creating a continuous reel of incidents in your mind! Imagine hearing the voice of inaudible words! Imagine yourself smiling while the people around you wonder what makes you smile. Here you are, enjoying the gossip! Imagine tears falling from your eyes while you cannot control your emotions while reading the heartbreaking incidents! Imagine witnessing the rise and fall of empires and nations! What a journey through the pages of books!

Books are far better than screen-gained knowledge, where you are merely a passive recipient unable to use your own creativity. Reading books allows you to construct your own images and use your own creativity. Because books don’t provide abstract images; rather, they only give sketches and leave it to the reader to design his own models. Books are not pages. They are more than that—more than bound pages. They are the world in themselves!


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