A Neglected Necessity

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When was the last time you grabbed a book just to acquire more knowledge about your religion and to practise it in a much more practical way than just repeating the same old verses without even knowing their meaning?

Or how many times have you researched about your religion, searched for a word that comes in a surah or some hadith that you don’t understand? Maybe lesser times than that when it comes to searching any word that comes in any novel you read or any other academic book of your course.

When in school or college, we refer to some extra books other than the prescribed books we are told to study, and we do this just to get an extra edge over others. But how many times do we prescribe some “extra books” (the so-called “references”) when it comes to our religion? Some don’t even have the basic books. Forget about having the extra ones.

When we are in our teens or mid-20s, we are likely to get attracted to things that are not even “close” to being useful to us. They are things that are in vogue, and we often commit the mistake of fitting into that realm of useless things. Doing useless things is often opposed by saying that life is meant for fun. People tend to make a mistake while building this opinion. They try to draw a common line between fun and useless things.

The role of religion in such issues is fascinating, and it’s the best source one can rely upon. The younger generation has forgotten to rely on religious texts. These texts (the quran or the elaboration of certain matters in hadith) are even there to solve our common day-to-day problems. But we are today more dependent on the laws made by man himself. We neglect the word of God.

And this is the reason every person, whether they agree or not, is somewhere down the line dissatisfied or not satisfied with his life.
Every heart is uneasy in today’s time; some have realised it, others are yet to do so.


  1. This one is so good to read dear Amaash….Undoubtedly we have forgotten the reality of our Existence and the real part of oir life that is surely going to help us out there(Kalami Paak/Lawh i Mehfooz).May Allah make all of us the people of righteousness..More power to you,your hand and your pen.Blessings for you


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