Yahi hai mera mama

In a village of rural India there lived a ‘bauna’ ( dwarf ) who was fond of seeing wrestling matches.
Once a ‘dangal’ ( wrestling match ) was taking place in the vicinity, and the bauna was keen to see it. However, unfortunately for him, the ‘akhaada’ ( wrestling arena ) was surrounded on all four sides by a crowd of spectators, who were much taller than him..
So the bauna thought up a device.
At a stage in the match when wrestler A had thrown wrestler B on the ground, ( which the bauna could not see but could guess from the loud cheering of the spectators ), he shouted ” Mama ne patak diya, mama ne patak diya ” ( i.e. ‘My uncle has floored his opponent ‘ ).
On hearing this, some spectators looked behind, and seeing the bauna shouting, thought he was the nephew of A. Hence they brought the bauna in front so that he could see his uncle fighting.
However, this shouting by the bauna and commotion in the crowd, distracted A, and consequently B, seizing this opportunity, with a smart move threw A on the ground and stood on top of him, thus reversing the situation.
At this, the bauna shouted, pointing at B, ” Yahi hai mera mama, yahi hai mera mama ”.
I was reminded of this story on seeing the shameless, unabashed behaviour of the Pakistan judiciary. While earlier ( taking a cue from the all powerful Pakistan army ), it became totally hostile to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and sentenced him to 10 years jail and a lifetime ban on doing politics, for massive corruption as proved by the Panama Papers disclosure, but now ( again taking a cue from the army ), it has done a somersault, reversed gear, and is working overtime and rushing at breakneck speed to clear all obstacles on the path to his becoming PM again.
A ‘tawaif’ ( call girl ) does not pretend to be what she is not. But the Pakistan judiciary, while loyally obeying the orders of its master ( the army ), impudently, unblushingly and undismayedly pretends to act on some high legal principle ( e.g. the devious and outrageous ‘doctrine of necessity’ ), and maintains a ‘holier than thou’, moral stance.
After the events of 9th May ( which many believe were stage managed and scripted ) about 10,000 people in Pakistan were arrested, beaten, tortured, and some even ‘disappeared’. For over 5 months those arrested ( including women and children ) have been confined in tiny, dingy cells in horrible conditions.
The Judges, who had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes a chapter on the fundamental rights of the citizens, e.g. the right to life and liberty, have turned a Nelson’s eye to these horrors and atrocities, and are now unashamedly and unabashedly busy in paving the way clear for Nawaz Sharif, who has returned to Pakistan after spending 4 years in England ( ostensibly for medical treatment ), like Jesus returning to Jerusalem on a donkey amidst a cheering crowd.
When Roman general Pompey the Great went to Sicily, the people of Sicily objected to his jurisdiction on the ground that it was aqainst an ancient law of Rome.To which Pompey replied ” Don’t quote the laws to us. We carry swords ”. Evidently the Pakistani judges have read this account in Plutarch’s ‘Lives’..
Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Munir in 1954 validated military coups and martial law on the basis of the devious ‘doctrine of necessity’, and his verdict was followed by the Supreme Court whenever the army seized direct power by a coup ( e.g. the coups by Gen Zia-ul-Haq and Gen Musharraf )..
In other words, the Pakistan judiciary believes and follows the proverb ” Billi oonth le gayi, to haanjee, haanjee kehna ” ( i.e. if your ruler says that a cat took away a camel, just nod and say ‘Quite right, quite right’ ).
To paraphrase an Urdu sher, Pakistan Nizam-e-Insaaf ka janaaza hai, zara dhoom se nikle


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