Warning to all Pak army officers

To the Pak army chief, Gen Munir, all Pak army corps commanders, all Principal Staff Officers, DG ISI, DG ISPR, and all officers of the Pakistan army.

Following the incidents consequential to former PM Imran Khan”s arrest, highly belligerent and threatening statements have been made by the army chief, Gen Munir, and senior officers of the ISI and ISPR.

No one can dispute that the perpetrators of violence on 9th May need to be booked and put up on trial. But first they have to be properly identified by credible evidence.

Instead, what is happening in Pakistan is indiscriminate arrests, including those of PTI leaders, workers and supporters. Over 3000 persons have been arrested in Punjab alone



It is well known that Gen Munir was the personal choice as army chief of former PM Nawaz Sharif ( who still controls the PMLN from London ) although he had retired. So naturally Gen Munir owes allegiance to the PMLN, and is helping the PDM to remain in office, although over 80% Pakistanis regard its leaders as big crooks who have looted Pakistan ( as the Panama Papers and other material disclose ). So the Pak army is helping big crooks to remain in office and run the Govt.

The Pak army’s own reputation is highly tainted, tarnished, and discredited, because of reasons given in the article below :



Having looted the country like a mafia over decades it hardly lies in its mouth to deliver sermons to the people. But what it has is the gun, and it uses this, like the mafia, for terrorising and threatening people, and making those it regards undesirable simply ‘disappear’.

Of late, however, a new phenomenon has arisen in Pakistan : about 80% people or more have united in support of one man, Imran Khan. So 200-220 million out of the 240 million Pakistanis support him.

An army can fight another army, it cannot fight the masses. A tiger can kill a prey, it cannot kill a swarm of mosquitoes. Till now the Pak army, having the gun, could ( and did, overtly or covertly ) rule Pakistan unchallenged. No one could question it or call for its political or financial accountability, for fear of dire consequences.

This could happen only because Pakistanis were divided. But now they are mostly united behind Imran Khan. Now the Pak army will not have to face a few individuals but the masses, something no army can do when the people unite.

In this situation, on behalf of the Pakistan people, I issue a stern warning to the Pak army officers : pipe down, dont shoot at unarmed people, and disobey orders of your superiors to do so, and release all those arrested ( except those against whom there is clear evidence of their culpability in perpetrating violence on 9th May ).

Field Marshal Keitel and General Jodl of the German army, and Generals Tojo and Yamashita of the Japanese army, were tried at the Nuremburg and Tokyo trials, found guilty of crimes, and were hanged, this despite their pleas that they were only carrying out orders of their superiors.

So Pak army officers, dont think that since in the past you could terrorise people and get away with it you can still do it now. And dont think you can commit crimes against the Pakistan people and get away it by saying you were only carrying out orders of your superiors. The gallows may yet be awaiting you.


This letter may kindly be communicated to the concerned Pak army officers by anyone in Pakistan. I will also be tweeting a link to @OfficialDGISPR, @PakistanFauj, @peaceforchange, and elsewhere, when it is posted on a website.


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