The Pakistan generals will have to answer for this outrage

Fascism has been unleashed in Pakistan, Army Act ( under which even death sentence can be imposed by military tribunals ) has been imposed, and thousands of people have been arrested, tortured, and some even killed. And who is responsible for this outrage ? It is none other than the army chief Gen Munir and the corps commanders and principal staff officers, who took this decision in a recent corps commanders conference.

One can understand the indignation of army officers over the attack on the GHQ, the corps commanders residence, and military installations, following the arrest of Imran Khan. But then the particular individuals who perpetrated these crimes should be carefully identified ( with help of CCTV cameras ), put up on trial, giving them opportunity of defending themselves, and then if found guilty punished appropriately under the Pakistan Penal Code.

But what has been done instead is that a reign of terror has been unleashed in Pakistan, reminiscient of the methods of the Gestapo. Thousands of arrests have been made, and are still being made, without regard to age, sex, or even semblance of culpability, and those arrested are usually beaten, tortured,and a few even killed.)

People like the upright journalist Imran Riaz Khan have been ‘disappeared’ ( using the Night and Fog method of the Nazis ).

Internet services, which today are a necessity, not a luxury, have been suspended, causing immense hardship to millions.

Imran Khan’s PTI is a special target. Almost its entire leadership, as well as a large number of its members and supporters have been arrested, or are underground.

Some were arrested despite having bail orders

Security forces have barged and broken into residential houses, and dragged people away forcibly, even pulling women by the hair.

Truly, there is no rule of law, and jungle raj is prevailing in Pakistan.

The generals who have unleashed this think that just as Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq, and Musharraf got away with their dastardly crimes against the people, they too are immune, unassailable, and untouchable. But they forget that times have changed. Presently no doubt most people are lying quiet out of fear, but soon this scenario will change.

An army can fight another army, it cannot fight the masses. A tiger can kill a prey, it cannot kill a swarm of mosquitoes. 75% Pakistanis support Imran Khan ( as all opinion polls indicate ), as he is perceived to be honest, while PDM leaders are regarded as a gang of dacoits ( as the Panama papers and other material prove ). Do the Pakistan army generals think that even with all its weaponry, the Pakistan army can fight 200 million out of the 240 million people of Pakistan ? The Americans thought so in Vietnam, and the Russians in Afghanistan, but what was their fate ?

The Pakistani generals only think of Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq and Musharraf, who got away with their crimes. They forget Field Marshal Keitel and Gen Jodl of the German army, and Generals Tojo and Yamashita of the Japanese army, who were tried in the Nuremburg and Tokyo trials, found guilty, and hanged.


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