The Ahmedabad cricket test – another opium

The Ahmedabad cricket test match is being presently played, and TV and the media is full of it.

It is reported that 80,000 tickets for the match were bought beforehand by the BJP and distributed free to BJP supporters ( leaving few available to the general public ), so that when PM Modi takes a ‘lap of honour’ around the ground with Australian PM Albanese the crowds may cheer hysterically. Dd

It has been said that religion is the opium of the masses ( to prevent them from revolting against their miserable conditions ).

But in India one opium is not enough.

So several opiums have to be administered to Indians to keep them drugged–cricket, lives of film stars, nonsensical thriller films like Pathan, TV shows, petty politics (largely based on casteism and communalism or scams ) etc.

The Roman Emperors used to say ” If you cannot give the people bread give them circuses “.

In India it is said ” If you cannot give the people jobs, nutritious food, healthcare, etc give them cricket, bollywood, TV shows, etc. ”.

That will divert people’s attention from the real issues of poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, almost total lack of proper healthcare and good education for the masses, and keep people drugged.

So Indians enjoy the drug which is being administered to you in Ahmedabad.




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