The agitation by unemployed youth in Uttarakhand

Unemployed youth in Uttarakhand in India are nowadays agitating over leakage of the lekhpal exam paper, and are demanding a CBI enquiry, and release of those arrested in the agitation…/breaking-news-dehradun-news

There has been a police lathi charge on the agitating students

But even if there had been no leak, how many candidates would have been selected and appointed ? Hardly 1 in 1000, since there are very few jobs compared to the applicants.

There is record and rising unemployment in India…/why-india-should-worry-about…/despite-indias-economic…/…/rising-unemployment-in

Even engineers, MBAs, M.Sc apply for a sweeper’s job…/story

In February 2019 4600 persons including many engineers and MBAs applied for 14 jobs of sweepers in Tamilnadu…/4-600-engineers-mbas-apply

In Madhya Pradesh, for 738 class 4 ( i.e menial ) posts 2 lac applied…/mp-engineering-mba…/

Even M.Tech and Ph.D holders apply for sweepers jobs

There is always a huge rush of youth whenever and wherever an army recruitment takes place.…/story…/arti…/30036369.cms

So it is evident that youth prefer a dangerous job, like that in the army, to the hell of unemployment.

Hence while I sympathise with the agitators, I also want to say that our people, particularly our youth, must now seriously start thinking of how to launch a mighty, united people’s struggle, which will culminate in a revolution, and creating a political and social order under which there is rapid industrialisation and modernisation, so that everyone gets a job with good income, nutritious food, proper healthcare and good education, etc, and destruction of our big curses like unemployment, caste and communalism.

Jobs are created on a large scale when there is rapid industrialisation, but presently the Indian economy is stagnant, or even in recession..

So to provide jobs for our youth we have to create a political and social order in which there is rapid industrialisation and modernisation. That must be our national goal.



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