Should we have more women judges By Justice Katju

The new CJI Justice Chandrachud, addressing a function of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, 2022, said that we should have more women as judges…/hindustan-times

I totally disagree. When a person comes for justice to a court he/she wants the case to be heard by an upright, learned judge, and is least bothered about the judge’s gender. Yes if there is a competent lady lawyer she should be appointed a judge, but she should not be appointed just because she is a woman.

Moreover, it is a misconception that women are more compassionate than men. In Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’, Macbeth was wavering whether to kill King Duncan, but Lady Macbeth was adamant.

In the Nazi concentration camps like Auschwitz and Buchenwald the female guards like Irma Griese, Dorothea Binz, Maria Mandl, Ilse Koch etc were often more brutal and sadistic than the male guards


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