Sarbas khaaye bhog kar naana, samar bhumi bhay ballabh praana

These lines in Ramcharitmanas said by Ravan to Kumbhakarna seem to accurately describe the behaviour of Shireen Mazari, Fawad Chaudhry, Asad Umar and some other PTI leaders who have left the party in view of the military crackdown, after enjoying the fruits of office when PTI was in power in Pakistan :
” Sarbas khaaye bhog kar naana
Samar bhumi bhay ballabh praana ? ”.
Kumbhakarna was the younger brother of Ravan, the king of Lanka. He would eat a lot, and slept for 6 months in a year.
When the war with Lord Ram began, Ravan went to wake him up and asked him to get ready for the battle. At this Kumbhakarna started making all kinds of excuses, e.g. that he had not yet slept enough. This is when Ravan uttered the above lines to him.
” Sarbas khaaye ” means ” You have eaten a huge amount ”.
” Bhog kar naana ” means ” You have relished all kinds of dishes ”
The word ‘samar’ means war, and so ‘samar bhumi’ means ‘on the battlefield’.
” Bhay ballabh praana ” means ” You have become very fond of your life ”.
So what Ravan said was ” You enjoyed all delicacies in my kingdom ( being the younger brother of the King ), but when the time of war has come you have become very fond of your life i.e. developed cold feet ”.
The same can be said of these PTI leaders who enjoyed the fruits of office when PTI was in power, but are now deserting when the party is out of office and is under attack, fearing for themselves, their relatives, and their financial interests.


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