Rahul Gandhi’s conviction

These days the Indian media is full of the news of Rahul Gandhi’s conviction for defamation by a criminal court in Surat, which has awarded him a 2 year jail sentence ( suspended for 1 month ).





It is said he was convicted for this speech



Some say that as a result of this conviction Rahul will lose his seat in Parliament





All this is being highlighted by almost the entire media ad nauseam, as if this is is a significant event in Indian history.

In my opinion this really shows the low level to which the Indian media has fallen, Let me explain.

The test of every political activity and every political system is one, and only one : does it raise the standard of living of the masses ? Does it give people better lives ?

From that viewpoint, how does it matter to the people whether Rahul Gandhi is convicted or not ? How does it matter whether he is sent to jail or not ? How does it matter whether he loses his seat in Parliament or not ? Will the Indian people’s lives be affected by all this ? Not at all. Then why make such a hue and cry about it ?

The Indian media thrives on such sensationalism, such ‘masaala’, which diverts people’s attention from their real problems ( poverty, hunger unemployment, price rise, lack of healthcare, etc ).


It had once highlighted the film Kashmir Files.

Then it highlighted Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, portraying it as a great historical event, though it was really a gimmick.


Later it highlighted Pathan movie, though it was really just a mediocre escapist thriller taking one into a land of make believe, and having no social relevance


It is not necessary to give further such examples. Suffice it to say that our media will keep serving such irrelevant tripe to the Indian public, and expect the public to faithfully keep lapping it up till kingdom come. After all, what most of our media cares for is only TRP rating and making a quick buck



  1. जनाब आप एक जस्टिस रहे हैं वो भी देश की सर्वोच्च न्यायालय के, आपको दी गई सज़ा पर लिखना था कितनी सही कितनी ग़लत है, मगर आपने भी वही पुरानी बात दोहराई जो पिछले नो वर्षों से देश झेल रहा है…?


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