Pakistan Supreme Court should sack the PDM Govt

The PDM leaders in Pakistan have openly said that elections to the Punjab Assembly will not be held on 14th May, despite the clear order of the Pakistan Supreme Court, which was only seeking to enforce Article 224(2) of the Pakistan Constitution.

The Pakistan Govt has said that money will not be given to the Election Commission for holding elections despite the clear order of the Court–7WK2BdA

In this connection a drama is being enacted by referring the matter to the Finance Committee, which in turn has referred it to the Cabinet, which has sent it to Parliament.

It is evident that the PDM Govt will not comply with the order of the Court come what may.( because the PDM knows it will be routed at the polls ).

This being the situation, the Court should not waste further time, and give 24 hours to the Govt to respond to a show cause notice, and if at the end of this time funds for holding elections are still not released to the ECP, the Court should sack the Govt for contempt of court, the way former PM Yusuf Raza Gilani was sacked for contempt of court, and appoint a caretaker Govt consisting of a PM, Finance Minister and Interior Minister, from among persons known for their integrity, and direct it to hold elections on 14th May, as fixed earlier.

There is no other way out. If the Court does not do this the Judges might as well quit, pack up, and go home.


  1. The option as has been advised by you seems to be an extreme and aggressive one but is a befitting response to the contemptuous disregard to the order of honourable SC shown by this gangs of thieves government. I like your advice.
    With Regards


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