My dream: Justice Katju

I wish to see India as a highly developed, highly industrialised, highly prosperous country, with its people enjoying a high standard of living.

But how can that be achieved ? It can be achieved if we change the mindsets of our people, and replace the backward feudal mindsets with modern ones.


It is easy to change the physical environment. Thus, it is easy to construct a building, or build a road or a bridge.


It is a hundred times more difficult to change the minds of crores of our people, and make them modern i.e. rational, logical and scientific

But without this change, we will not attain our objective.


At present the masses in the Indian sub continent are steeped in casteism, communalism, and superstitions, which are features of a feudal mindset. I have been attacking these in my articles on fb and elsewhere. But sometimes I feel I have been hitting my head against a wall, and it has been an excercise in futility.


Tulsidas in Ramcharitmanas writes :

“ Moorakh hriday na chet, jo guru milen biranch sam

Phoolen phalen na beynt, jadapi sudha barse jalad “



“ A fool will never get wisdom, even if he has Brahma as his guru

A bamboo will never bear fruit or flowers, even if the heaven rains nectar on it “.

So sometimes I feel very disheartened, and start thinking that the Indian people are moorkhs who will never be enlightened ; they are like bamboos, who will never bear fruit or flowers. Casteism, communalism and superstitions are entrenched in their heads. So I have been wasting my time trying to educate these blockheads.


But then I think, after all they are my countrymen, whom I have to help. They have been let down by those who should have led them forward. So let me try to do my bit.


I have no intention of joining politics or becoming a political leader. But what I am trying to do is to give ideological guidance to my people, like the thinkers of the French Enlightenment.

As has been said, at a particular stage of history, ideas become a material force


  1. You are indeed great.So you think so about our nation being serious about over it’s concern. I am most simple citizen aged about 75. I fear now in India from rising feudalism violence crimes corruption mobocracy casteism communalism as well fundamentalism from fundamentalist minority having so aggressive mob’s mindsets since long. Why they are so is beyond comprehension is matter about study. I think their fundamentalism illiteracy food habits sex indulgence & above all mostly due to misinterpretation of Quranic texts from them. Their clerics are sly 😼 & still more fundamentalists. So they don’t change their mindsets.
    Hindu has been victims being so attacked for long from invaders. In political domain in India minorities enjoyed most privileges being a vote bank community that none political parties want to loose it being in politics for power for not to serve nation better rather loot as possible can be to build a fort like Mulayam’s Safai village with aerodrome landing facility. Supporters of casteist corrupt leaders enjoy so much support from their caste & party based supporters. So Hindus are divided ➗️ based on caste conflicts/caste tension on being manipulated from our so demagogues. मोदी got much importance from frustrated Hindu community over Hindutva etc issues as well various infrastructures built with various attractive policies too. Road electric LPG etc attracted electorate much. While on the other hand Muslim ☪️ people became much aggressive towards Hindu in India as well neighbouring Muslim nations plus abroad all Islamic nations.
    In such pregnant prevailing situation what better can be expected?
    Your ideas about to chane people’s mindsets is futile in such situations now. Now बहुजन समाज Bamcef left parties are against not only BJP rather savarn Brahmin etc too. They say that Brahmin should leave nation having their foreign DNA despite Haryana based DNA laboratory deny over DNA reports published ever from NASA. So stupid people. What so if Brahmins are having foreign DNA?
    Let us see what our destiny is destined.
    ( Baiyt is for cane not Bamboo.)


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