Kalidas Ghalib Foundation ( KGF ) meeting

Yesterday, 20th July, we held an important lunch meeting of KGF ( of which I am the patron ) in Karim’s restaurant in the India Islamic Cultural Centre, Delhi. It was attended inter alia by the Chairman of KGF Naushad Ali Syed ( naushadalisyed@gmail.com ), Ershad Alam, the National Gen Secy ( ershad.aalam@gmail.com ), Bharat Thakur ( btyoga@gmail.com ), Ajay Upadhyaya, Sonam, and others.

The object of KGF is to promote the composite culture of India ( Ganga Jamuna tehzeeb ), which is very important today when powerful forces are trying to polarise society and spread communal, caste and ethnic hatred in the country.


KGF had been very active at one time. We held functions in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi etc on various cultural and literary subjects, which were largely attended.. However, thereafter it became inactive, so we have now decided to reactivate it.


We have also decided to set up state units in India and even units abroad e.g. in USA, UK, etc

We will hold functions of KGF in many cities in India, as well as online global webinars, on various cultural and literary topics. The first function will be held in Kolkata in which I will speak on the role of art and literature in contemporary India.

All those interested in joining us may contact me ( justicekatju@gmail.com ) or the others whose email ids are given above. They may also give us ideas how to proceed




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