Justice Katju’s mail to the new CJP

Dear Brother,
Congratulations on becoming the new Chief Justice of Pakistan.
I saw your oath taking on the internet, and was touched by your fine gesture of asking your wife to stand by your side while taking oath.
However, I must tell you that you will be put to two tests :
(1) You have taken a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes the fundamental rights of citizens of Pakistan, like the right to life and liberty.
As you know, a fascist reign of terror has been unleashed in Pakistan by the Establishment after the events of 9th May. Over 10, 000 people, including former Prime Minister Imran Khan and several PTI leaders and workers/supporters have been arrested, many ( including women ) beaten, brutally tortured, jailed in horrible conditions, killed, or simply ‘disappeared’.
It is therefore your solemn duty to get these 10,000 people released from jail forthwith, given adequate compensation, and those officials responsible for this outrage suitably punished.
(2) It is your duty to enforce the Constitution of Pakistan, since you have taken an oath to uphold it.
Article 224(2) thereof states that free and fair elections must be held within 90 days of dissolution of Parliament, and even President Arif Alvi has proposed this.
It is therefore your duty to enforce Article 224(2).
If you fail to meet these twin tests your name will be consigned to the dustbin of judicial history, and your 13 month long tenure as CJP will be marked as a big failure, like that of your predecessor Justice Bandial, who proved to be a spineless coward, who betrayed his oath, and was only concerned about his salary, perks and pension.
Justice Markandey Katju
Former Judge, Indian Supreme Court
Noida, UP, India


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