Justice Katju views on Kashmiris

Image Source: The Wire
I have joked about many comminities, Bengalis, Tamils, Biharis, Nagas, etc, so naturally people asked me to joke about my own community, Kashmiris.
There is a Persian adage that one should avoid 3 types of people : awwal Afghan, doyam Kambo, soyam bazzaat Kashmiri ( i.e. first Afghans, second Kambos, third rascally Kashmiris )
Now regarding Afghans and Kambos the meaning is clear. They are all to be avoided.
But regarding Kashmiris, there is a confusion. The word ‘bazzaat’ has only been used before the word ‘Kashmiri’, not before ‘Afghan’ or ‘Kambo’.
So one meaning can be that whereas all Afghans and Kambos are wicked, and hence all of them are to be avoided, but only wicked ( bazzaat ) Kashmiris are to be avoided, not the good ones.
But the other interpretation can be that the word ‘bazzaat’ has only been used before the word ‘Kashmiri’ to emphasise that Kashmiris are particularly bazzaat ( wicked ), even more than Afghans and Kambos.
Now it is for you folks to decide which interpretation is correct. I, being a Kashmiri, would naturally prefer the first


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