Justice Katju to Pakistanis

Eid mubarak to you All! 

There is an important clarification I wish to make to you all.

I have repeatedly said that Pakistan is a fake, artificial country


Raza Rumi, the journalist, said that I want Pakistan to perish.

Raza has totally twisted my words. I never said I want Pakistanis to perish. In fact I want Pakistanis to prosper, but in my opinion they can do so only in a reunited India under a secular modern minded leadership determined to rapidly modernise and industrialise the country.

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are really one country. We share the same culture, most of us look like each other, many speak the same language Hindustani ( called Hindi in india and Urdu in Pakistan ), and we were one since Mughal times

I have expressed my views in the articles below :




In the article below I have in great detail explained why and how Pakistan was created by that British swindle called Partition, on the basis of the bogus 2 nation theory ( that Hindus and Muslims are 2 separate nations ), to keep Hindus and Muslims fighting each other, thereby wasting our resources and remain poor and weak


Pakistan was created as an Islamic state. But I submit hardly any nation can survive on the basis of religion. If religion is to be the basis of a nation, then UK, USA, France, Germany, etc will all have to be partitioned into several countries, for most countries have several religious groups.

For instance, UK has Protestants ( and several varieties of them, e.g. Anglicans mostly in England, Presbyterians mostly in Scotland, etc ), Roman Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists, etc. So UK has to be partitioned into about ten countries. The same will have to be done to USA, France, Germany and other countries, for they all have many religions. Can any country survive if this is done ? In particular, the Indian subcontinent has such tremendous diversity that the only policy which will work here is secularism, and giving equal respect to all religions, the policy of suleh-e-kul of the great Emperor Akbar whom I regard as the real Father of the Indian nation.


Pakistan was created as an Islamic state. But which Islam ? Sunni or Shia ? Wahabi or Sufi ? Deobandi or Barelvi ? They often fight with each other. And of course Ahmadis have been thrown to the wolves.



Pakistanis, see what has creating a theocratic state led you to.







We have formed an organisation called the Indian Reunification Association ( IRA ), of which I am the patron, whose object is the peaceful reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh


I make it clear that our concept of reunited India is totally different from the RSS concept of Akhand Bharat. The latter wants a reunited India under Hindu domination. IRA aims at a reunited India in which no community is dominant, and all are equals.

We want a reunited India under patriotic, secular, modern minded leaders who are determined to rapidly modernise and industrialise the country and raise the standard of living of our people and give them decent lives, like Mustafa Kemal who came to power in Turkey in the 1920s, or like the leaders of Japan who came to power after the Meiji Restoration of 1868.



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