Justice Katju clears the misconception regarding film “Pathaan”

My friend Ameena Saeed lives in California, and I meet her whenever I go there.

She makes videos, and yesterday she sent me a link about Pathan, given below :


I sent a reply containing 3 links of my articles


Please read these articles







Justice Markandey Katju


Ameena is a good lady but harbouring misconceptions.

She believes ‘Pathan ne chheen ke secularism wapas le liya’. But does this mean anything ?

She says Pathan has provided a platform to secular people to combat Hindu extremists, but I dont see how beating drums or lighting fireworks will end or even reduce communalism ?

She believes that Pathan has sent a message to Muslims that they should not lose their spirits. I do not know whether Pathan has uplifted the spirits of Muslims. But I wonder whether a Muslim who is being beaten for refusing to say Jai Shriram feels his spirited uplifted ?

As for full houses in Germany, those who see the film would be NRIs who do not vote in Indian elections.


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