Changing the mindsets of Indians

Changing the mindsets of people is many times more difficult than changing the physical environment. It is relatively easy to construct a building, a road, or a bridge. It is a hundred times more difficult to remove casteism, communalism, superstitions and backward ideas from the minds of people, and replace them with rational, scientific, and modern ideas..

One of my principal aims in writing these fb posts is to change the mindsets of you readers, and make you deep, rational, scientific thinkers. If that is achieved, then you in turn will change the mindsets of others, and they in turn will change the mindsets of yet others, and so on. It will be like setting off a chain reaction, affecting tens of millions of Indians, and will advance our march towards our goal of creating a modern, prosperous, highly industrialised India, with its people enjoying a high standard of living.

Of course I know I will not succeed in my effort as regards conceited fools with closed minds. As Tulsidas said “ Moorakh hriday na chet jo guru milen biranch sam “ i.e. “ A fool will not become wise, even if he gets a guru like Brahma “. But there are those of you who are modest, and sincere seekers of truth, but are still groping in the dark. My words are directed to them.

As an illustration, take the film Pathan. Stupid, feudal minded and communal people attacked it on religious grounds, saying the saffron bikini worn by Deepika Padukone hurt Hindu sentiments. Their real target was Shah Rukh Khan, because he is a Muslim.

Those of you who are secular minded could only say that saffron is not a colour monopolised by Hindus. Of course you were right in saying that, but you should have gone deeper, as I have done in this article, and explained to people the real reason why the film should be opposed. Please read it carefully before you respond.

Once your mindsets are changed, and you become deep thinkers, you will be fit to lead people on our march forwards


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