Chali hai rasm ki koi na sar utha ke chale

I just now received this WhatsApp message after a gap of several days from a Pakistani who earlier used to speak to me or message me daily on WhatsApp :
“ Army Act has been imposed. Thousands of arrests r being made. People are being accused of being RAW agents. Calls and messages r being watched carefully and recorded“.
In short it implied that he could not talk to me or communicate with me, since the authorities may charge him with communicating with a RAW agent !
Has Pakistan become a Jurassic Park ? Or have
Pakistanis become like an Alice living in Wonderland ?

And has Pakistan become a Mad Hatter’s Party ?


I am reminded of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s lines

“ Nisar main teri galiyon pe ki ai watan
Ki chali hai rasm ki koi na sar utha ke chale
Jo chaahne waala tawaaf ko nikle
Nazar chupa ke chale, jism-o-jaan bacha ke chale “


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