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A Call to Indian Patriots

One single thought must haunt, obsess, torment, agonise, harrow, harass, and madden the minds of all Indian patriots ( as it haunts mine ), day and night, 24x7 (...

Will things change after 4th June

Most predictions in India are that after the results of the 2024 parliamentary elections are declared on 4th...

Long live Neha Singh Rathore

Neha Singh Rathore is a popular folk singer who composes songs and sings in Bhojpuri, a language spoken...

If INDIA Alliance Wins

Speculation is rife in India about the prospective results of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, to be held in 7...

The Brave Women of the Indian Subcontinent

Most people hero worship famous political leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Lenin, etc or brilliant military commanders...

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