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Husnara Salim: the grand niece of the first educational minister of India

I had not heard of Husnara Salim until recently when someone informed me about her, and sent me her whatsapp number. I then had long talks with her on whatsapp,...

Rahul Gandhi”s America visit

Rahul Gandhi is on an extended 10 day America visit, where he has been speaking to audiences, mostly...

Was I wrong?

I was strongly criticised some time back when I called 90% Indians fools. But was I wrong ?...

Have they learnt nothing from history?

I seriously believe Gen Munir and the Pak Corps Commanders need to be sent to a lunatic asylum....

Unity of Indians is absolutely essential at this historical juncture

I was deeply sad that in Manipur, and even in Delhi, there have been fights between Meiteis and...

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