People’s International Tribunal on Atrocities in Pakistan – Proposed by Justice Katju

Sajida Amin, a Pakistani settled in Australia ( email : & I, Justice Katju, former Judge of the Indian Supreme Court ( email : have decided to set up a People’s International Tribunal regarding atrocities on the people of Pakistan and violation of their human rights ( including denial of the right of free and fair elections to them ), modelled on the lines of the Bertrand Russell People’s International Tribunals on atrocities in Vietnam, Palestine etc. set up by the eminent British philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell.
We will have eminent people as the Judges from various walks of life.
The accused, to whom notices will be issued giving them opportunity of defence through counsel, will be the Pakistan army chief Gen Munir and all Corps Commanders and Principal Staff Officers of the Pakistan army, leaders of the PMLN and the PPP, Chief Justice of Pakistan Qâzi Faez Isa and other Judges of the Pakistan Supreme Court and High Courts who have violated their solemn oath of office and have shamelessly become henchmen and Judge Jeffreys of the Pakistan Establishment, etc
The sessions will be online. Witnesses’ evidence and counsels’ arguments will be online.
Please contact us if you are interested in helping us in any way, including any suggestions to make the hearings of the People’s Tribunal effective
Justice Katju