Justice Katju Comments on Delhi’s CM Plight

Poor, poor, Arvind Kejriwal. Ever since he was arrested on 21st March in connection with the massive liquor scam he was expecting millions of people to turn out in protest by holding massive demonstrations in the streets of India, particularly in Delhi. But no one seemed to be interested. No one is happy at the prospect of becoming a shaheed (martyr) for this modern ‘Stalin’ (I call him that as he has said in his message delivered through his wife Sunita ” Aapka bhai lohe ka bana hai ”), who has since long departed from all his professed principles of integrity, etc
In the above message of 23rd March Kejriwal appealed to people to go to temples to pray for him. None did. They preferred celebrating Holi with gusto (despite appeals by AAP leaders not to celebrate it).
In his message Kejriwal also said  “Whether inside or outside, every moment of my life is dedicated to serving the country. Every drop of my blood is dedicated to the country,”
This was laughable. The public has understood by now, after bitter experience, that every moment of Kejriwal’s life is dedicated not to serving the people, but to his idea how he can remain in power by hook or crook, and even become Prime Minister one day, for which he regards himself fully deserving. He has mastered the art of Machiavellian ‘realpolitik’.
Even Anna Hazare, on whose ‘imaandaari’ movement Kejriwal rode piggyback, now condemns him.

Kejriwal added in his message that no bar could keep him inside, and he would soon return. He probably imagines he is a Lord Krishna, who after his birth was miraculously taken out of the jail of his mama Kansa. Or perhaps he believes that the jail walls will be stormed and he will be rescued by a huge crowd, like the revolutionaries who stormed the Bastille in Paris on 14th July 1789.

None of that will happen. Kejriwal seems to be in for the long haul

But here is a suggestion for AAP leaders and members who want Kejriwal to be released soon :
When I was a lawyer in Allahabad High Court, and there was a threat that a Meerut Bench of the High Court may be created ( thus drastically reducing our incomes, since Western UP districts were relatively affluent compared to eastern UP districts, and its people good paymasters ), we lawyers of the High Court went on a long strike.
Among the things we lawyers did was to dig a huge ‘agnikund’ ( pit of fire ) inside the High Court premises, into which we threw a lot of wood, set it on fire, and when the flames were leaping high, threatened to collectively jump into it, like a ‘jauhar’ committed by the women of Chittorgarh.
This did the trick, and the government, frightened out of its wits, announced that it had withdrawn the proposal to create a Bench.
I am sure Kejriwal will be released soon after AAP folk do the same ( but I advise them not to actually jump into the bonfire, only keep giving threats )