Carpe Diem

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How amazing it is to witness the passing of the clouds! How mesmerizing it is to witness the scenic beauty from the window of the train. The view lasts for seconds, but it bewitches you. Life has been interpreted in so many ways. From “life is a journey’ to ‘life is just a sugar-coated lie’, there are many interpretations, but life is how you manifest it. Life is a moment, and it passes within the blink of an eye. The incidents that happen to us impact us; some moments stay with us for a short period, and some moments are to be cherished forever. One can put forth several questions, like, “What is life in its actual form? What we are living is just our interpretation and manifestation of the same. The moment a baby is born, there is a new life that blooms, and when a person departs from this world, it is just grief and devastation, so basically, we can define that life as a journey from coming to this world to departing from it, isn’t it?


We spend our lives investing so much in this world to make this temporary journey so sufficient that it just blows off in a second the moment your eyes are closed forever. You leave behind just a faded bunch of memories you created with people. We run for materialistic perfection in this world, and somewhere in between, we forget to value the little moments that make us smile, that make our eyes wet, and some moments like a cold breeze on your face passing through your soul. If I am going to write about “life” in this particular text, it might be true to some people, some might relate to it, and some might have contradictory arguments about it. And that’s exactly what it is. One life that we all got can be explained in many more ways, and all of that is based on our experiences. How important it becomes to cherish what we have in the middle of the journey; you never know what happens in the next seconds, and we spend time worrying about those next 10 seconds of the future, forgetting to value that particular moment. We abandon things that we love for the sake of something that we want out of this world. You skip your plans to go out with friends and family, and later on, you regret it when you realize that those people are not there anymore to talk to or hang out with. We, as a part of this society, have a tendency to give up on things that we love and that bring us real happiness for the sake of achieving goals. Yes, completing your work before the deadline is important, focusing on your career is important, and setting targets is important, but you have to know that these are not your life but a part of it.

We have to understand how important life is, how important people are, and how important these relationships are. They will be gone in a matter of seconds; in the blink of an eye, all we will be left with are the memories we have with them. For a few days, you will remember their laughs, even their smell, and even their voice, but as the clouds pass, you will forget them, no matter how hard you try to remember. You will close your eyes and only feel the moments that are preserved, the moments that you cherished, and the moments you lived with them. It’s time for you to talk to your friend whom you thought to talk to later and to a friend who is far away, listen to their voice, and relive your moments with them. Hug your parents and play with your siblings. Pass a smile to all the people you meet because you never know what will happen next. Carpe Diem. Live. Laugh. Love.



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