What Justice Katju says about Sherry Rehman?

Pakistan’s Minister for Climate Change, Sherry Rehman, has been voted among the 25 most influential women in the world in 2022 by UK’s newspaper Financial Times.

To me this sounds ridiculous. What influence has Sherry Rehman had on the lives of people in the world or in Pakistan ? None as far as I could know, unless we regard her flowery speeches as having great influence ( anyone can deliver fine speeches ).


Sherry is often seen on Youtube and elsewhere in expensive cosmetics dressed glamorously, which is a vulgar ostentation in a poor country like Pakistan. Perhaps the cost of her cosmetics and dress for one day would feed a poor Pakistani family for a couple of months.


It seems that the fact that you have been educated in America and UK and look glamorous ( at least with cosmetics and make up on ) is to ensure your success in politics, even if you are empty headed.


Sherry has been talking a lot lately in UK and other foreign countries about the poor people in Pakistan, and how they are suffering due to the recent floods. But dont expect her to give up her comforts and luxurious lifestyle despite all this.


It reminds one of Akbar Allahabadi’s sher :

“Quom ke gham mein dinner khaate hain hukkaam ke saath

Ranj neta ko bahut hai, magar aaraam ke saath “.


So don’t expect Sherry to give up her ‘aaraam’, though her heart is bleeding for the poor and helpless.


Perhaps the judges who voted for her were not only carried away by her glamorous looks, but also by the fact that she is called Sherry, which may have caused them to feel a bit tipsy or inebriated


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