My Pakistani friend Sajjad Azhar Pirzada

My Pakistani friend Sajjad Azhar Pirzada is a journalist who lives and works in Lahore.
He has taken many interviews of me, given below


Here is the interview in which I said that India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are really one country, Partition was a British swindle, and we must reunite

In this interview I praised the great Emperor Akbar, calling him the real father of the Indian nation, whose path of suleh-e-kul ( respect for all religions ) was the correct path which Indians must follow

Sajjad is thoroughly secular, as these interviews disclose


Sajjad has praised Maulana Azad, one of my heroes, who was totally against partition of India

Sajjad is a remarkable man. He lost his earlier jobs as he refused to insult or hurl invectives and vituperations at India, as demanded by his then bosses. He believes that there should be good relations between the two countries, and refused to compromise on his principles, as many journalists do.

He has been married twice. His first marriage, which was an arranged one, was with a woman from an ultra orthodox Muslim family. Now Sajjad is totally secular, as mentioned above, and he often goes to the Krishna temple in Lahore, where his friend Pandit Kashi Ram is the priest, who applies tika on Sajjad’s forehead whenever he visits the temple.



Seeing this tika on his forehead his in laws told him that he must stop visiting the temple and never apply tika, otherwise his marriage cannot continue, as they could not tolerate their daughter being married to a kafir. When Sajjad refused to comply to this demand his first marriage ended in divorce.
Now he is happily married again , and has two children.
Long live Sajjad Pirzada !



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