How our police usually solves bomb blast cases

Whenever a bomb blast occurs in India there is great pressure by politicians and the public on the police to solve the crime.

The problem for our police is that it is not usually trained in scientific investigation nor is given the equipment for the same, so it can rarely catch the real culprits.

Criminal investigation is a science. If one reads the stories of Sherlock Holmes one reads how Holmes scientifically investigates a crime. Similarly if one sees on YouTube ( see FBI Files, True Crimes, Crime Reporter, etc ) how the American police solves a crime, by going on the spot and gathering the evidence—fingerprints, blood stains, tyre tracks, fibres, cartridge shells, semen, etc, and then sending it to scientific laboratories, one will understand what is scientific investigation of crimes. The fingerprints are fed into a national database, DNA tests are held on blood, semen, etc.

In India, on the other hand, our police is rarely trained in scientific investigation nor is provided the equipment for it, and yet the police inspector is threatened with suspension if he does not solve the crime. So what does he do ? He catches hold of some young Muslims who had given fiery speeches in a meeting denouncing atrocities on Muslims in India, chargesheets them, and then manufactures false evidence against them. The real culprits are rarely caught.

Many people regard most Muslims to be fanatics, who have been religiously indoctrinated to commit acts of terrorism, so they are often the scapegoats.

Even if they are ultimately found innocent by the Court they often have to spend years in jail before they are released, as they are usually denied bail. Numerous instances can be given of this, as in the links below

Is this justice?
I regret to say that this is a mockery of justice, and this is one reason why Muslims, who constitute 16% of our population, often feel alienated in India


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