My truest breakthrough

Image Source: BetterLYF

A tragic ending

How I lost the track

Of my little heart

That stopped beating after you.

On a cold January afternoon

Reminiscing about the moments

Spent with you

I was flexing about the love

You showed me.

Raising my arms to

Wave at my best friend

I saw a deep sorrow

In her eyes, the eyes full of storm

Waiting for the bus to start;

Start so as I couldn’t

Run back to you.

Run back to you and

Beg you to stay.

I had the clairvoyance

About you breaking my heart,

For she, owned yours.

She, someone who i didn’t know

Someone who took my heart home,

Someone who betrayed me

Someone who didn’t deserve

To be yours.

Recalling every moment spent by

Your side.

I believed this break up won’t

Happen and as it did; I REALIZED

The people I knew were right about


I never got flashbacks of things

That were bad instead i remembered

The happiness, the joy ,

The hope that i had when you held me

In your arms.

From the day i said my first

I love you to you to the day

You didn’t even give me a chance to say a goodbye.

You proved me wrong and the other people

Right about all the things

They warned me about.

I wasn’t able to change what

Was inevitable yet i

Never gave your place to anybody.

You were, you are and you will

Always be my forever yet

I won’t ever forgive you for

Breaking my heart that

Will always belong to you,

Turning me to a hypochondriac.

But there’s a long way to go

The life I’ve lived by your side

The beautiful days i spent with you

Turned my sky into greys

Yet one day I’d find what am I

I’d find my Love, someone

Who’d love me the way you didn’t

Someone who’d never leave my side.

Someone who’d stick until the end.

Today & Tomorrow;

Always & Forever.


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