A Request of A Poor Child

Image Source: Youtube

 In the morning, the weather was pleasant,

Everything was bright due to cheerful weather

The trees were smiling and the birds were singing

Except, the poor child whose world was covered with dark clouds


With full of grief, he was seeing the happiness of everything,

Sitting alone in a place, filled with rich flowers

Realising the fact, nothing is worried for him

Without desiring for money, begging for happiness


The sorrow was showing from his painful eyes,

His weak body and small hands and legs were telling his story

Without speaking any single word he was telling his story

Giving the lesson to the people what’s the real struggle of life


One drop of your kind will change my world,

Because I want to fly in the sky like the bird

I want freedom from the shackles of poverty

As, I want to live like the rich flowers!




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